What Are Lash Extensions & How Are They Done ?

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Before getting eyelash extensions, it is very important to understand what they are and how they are applied. Here below i will give an explanation both on what eyelashes are and how we at Lush Deluxe in particular provide our services.

Lash extensions are the application of false lashes such as mink, faux mink, silk, or synthetic to each individual lash on eye. These false lashes can be individual hairs or fans (2-6 hairs together in a fan shape). They are not the same as the lashes you can buy in the beauty supply and the adhesive is much stronger as well lasting up to 8 weeks.

Here at Lush Deluxe Beauty we customize each set determining the length and thickness needed to both give the desired look while still maintaining the health of the natural lashes.

Here are the Lush Deluxe Lashing Steps for a Classic Full Set

•Lashes will be cleaned

Cleaning lashes is very important. If lashes are oily or dirty, not only can it cause bad retention but it can also cause crusting & irritation over time. Because of this, a lash bath will be included with every service.

•Primer will be applied

Primer is used to take away any extra oils while providing the optimal ph level needed for lashes to bond properly. This overall will help with the retention of the lashes.

•Undereye protection

The lower lash line will be covered with a gel pad and/or medical tape. This is to

protect the lower lash line ensuring that no adhesive sticks the upper and lower eyelid



Each healthy lash is separated with specialized lashing tweezers to avoid lashes sticking together. While separating the lashes with one set of tweezers, a single lash or fan will be picked up, dipped carefully in adhesive and applied to one individual natural lash. This process will be done on every healthy lash.

•Drying & Nanomisting

Once done, lashes will be thoroughly dried with lash fan. A nanomister (extremely tiny particles of mist) will be sprayed onto lashes about 10-12 inches away from face. This is to help cure the lashes quicker with the perfect amount of humidity while also reducing any possible sensitivities. Then they will be dried fully again.

•Waking Up With Gorgeous LASHES

Under eye pads will be carefully removed, and you will be able to open eyes once you’re ready! Gorgeous customized lashes will await you in the Mirror

Having eyelashes should be a smooth and painless experience! You will shorten your morning routine, have an instant confidence boost & a great nap!

Happy Lashing!

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