After Care

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Lashes help to shorten your daily routine and make you effortless look glamourous. However there is a little after care for this luxury service. After care is important especially in the first day after the service to ensure your lashes last as long as the possibly can.

  • Avoid getting wet in the first 24 hours

  • Avoid waterproof mascara and oil based products

  • Do NOT perm, tint, or use curlers on lash extensions

  • Avoid sleeping on face if you can

  • DO use eyelash comb for lashes

  • DO clean lashes after the first 24 hours past.

You wouldn't go weeks without washing your face. The same goes for your lashes. this

helps any dirt or debris that can build up, After all that, the original purpose of lashes

is to catch dirt & debris that might land in the eyes. This is so important that we offer

free Lash Cleanser to every new client,

  • Do dry lashes after showering or washing face

  • Do use satin pillow

if you know not sleeping on your face or lashes will be too hard, a satin pillow is


Follow these steps and you should be on the way to maintaining gorgeous natural looking lashes that last!

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