How to prepare ?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Preparing for you lash service is important but very simple if you just follow the guidelines below.

Clean Lashes.

Please be sure to come with clean lashes and face free of makeup. Yes, we will still clean the lashes ourselves but the process is easier for both you and the tech if you do your best before coming. If you wouldn't go to your dentist with un-brushed teeth please don't come to an appointment with unclean lashes.

Please remove contacts.

If you wear contact, please remove them before the service. We recommend coming with your glasses instead and leaving the contacts at home.

Avoid caffeine.

Lash application takes about 2 hours total from the time the lashes actually being put on (not including lash bath, primer, etc.) It is much easier to sleep and relax during the process if there is not an excess of caffeine or sugar in your body.

Avoid oil based products on and around eyes

Oil and lash adhesive don't work well together. The adhesive can be broken down quicker with oil causing the style to not last as long.

Shower BEFORE service

You wont be able to get lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the service is over. It is best to shower right before to both feel clean and to ensure clean lashes. Get two birds with one stone.

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